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In a world that seems so confusing and painful even in the midst of celebration the Christmas Story calls out to us and tells of a God who would break in and come for you in Jesus. As we wrap up our series founding pastor, Jay Pathak, shares a special Christmas message that reminds us why Christmas is so special as we celebrate God inserting himself into human history and becoming the world's Thrill Of Hope.

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What if God designed the Christmas story in such a way that His son would be despised before people even knew him? That when the people of the day thought of his place of birth they would actually be put off. What if it’s not success and power but humility in which rescue would come? This week as we near the end of our series “A Thrill Of Hope” Discover Church pastor, Preston Ulmer, explores the prophecy that the savior of all would be born intentionally into the wrong tribe.

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Have you ever wondered if God could have written any story he wanted to why he chose to come as a baby? In weakness and need? Requiring the help of not his own people, but the help from those who oppressed his people? This week in "A Thrill Of Hope" Pastor, Jay Pathak, explores how God uses people from the wrong place to help carry on the story that will make all things new again.

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You’ve probably heard the Christmas Story a time or two in your life, but have you ever stopped to think about the set up for such a crazy story? Like the wise men… who are these guys? And what would compel them to travel so far just to visit a baby? This week as we begin our Advent series, pastor, Jay Pathak, explores the origins of the Magi and how compelled by “Thrill Of Hope” they set the stage for the Christmas Story.

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