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What do you think people are invited into when they decide to follow Jesus and have life with God? Is it a simply a means to live a happy, moral life? Or is it something more? This week in “I Love My Church” pastor, Jay Pathak, takes a look at a different narrative from 2 Timothy and asks the question “When we say yes to Jesus, have we been recruited to an army and are now at war?”

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Have you ever been to a wedding and watched as two people vow to give themselves to each other for the rest of their lives? It's a moving, emotional experience right? The bible uses the image of a wedding to describe God's relationship to us pretty often & most of the time it means to draw certain emotions out of us. So what exactly is the scriptures trying to communicate about who God is & what should our response be to that? This week in "I Love My Church" pastor, Corey Garris, takes a look at the book of Hosea to answer these questions to help us bring some clarity to this compelling but sometimes confusing imagery.

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When you hear the word "family" what do you think of? Your parents? Your spouse? Your kids? Maybe you think of your siblings? No matter who comes to mind, when we hear the phrase "the family of God" we all imagine something. While sometimes that can be helpful to how we think about church, often times it actually does the exact opposite. This week in "I Love My Church" pastor, Corey Garris, lays out exactly what the bible has to say about the word family & what that means as we live life with those around us.

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As a follower of Jesus how do you both live Holy and also engage the culture around you? The scriptures use an interesting analogy when it comes to navigating this tension… the temple. What do these two have to do with each other? Take a listen and find out as pastor, Jay Pathak explains.

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What do you think it means to be part of a church? We all have different ways to think about this question but one of the most commonly used metaphors to explain what it means to be involved in a church is the human body. This week as we continue in our series I Love My Church, Pastor, Jay Pathak uses the text of Romans 12:1-8 to explain why thinking about the church as a body can be really helpful.

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