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Streams of Living Water by Eleanor Mumford, John 7:37

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The Bread of Life by Jay Pathak, John 6:35-42

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It's such an odd thing to think about creating rhythms of remembering. But the scriptures tell us that it is vital in our lives with God that we create and maintain spaces where we remember what God has done in, through and around us. As week wrap up our series "Rhythm" pastor, Jay Pathak, speaks about how we can do this in a  way that will keep us refreshed and ready for what God would want us to do next!

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As we free ourselves up in other areas of our lives by living with thoughtful rhythm, we often find ourselves available to join God in bringing His Kingdom to Earth in regular and more frequent ways. This week, Westminster Vineyard pastor, Ben Folman, shares with us how to start living with regular rhythms of being on mission in every place we live, work & play.

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