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This week we continue in our summer series, Exodus, Pastor Corey Garris speaks about the how our hearts can be hardened against the good things God would have for us. We do this through the scriptures from Exodus 9:12 & 9:33-35.

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A special event hosted by MHV with Rick Love and Imam Shemsadeen with Metropolitan Denver North Islamic Center. 

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In this first week of our new series based on the heroes of our faith outlined in Hebrews 11, Senior Pastor Jay Pathak uses the story of Cain and Abel to address jealousy and comparison in our families and in the Church at large.

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On this Orphan Sunday, Jay Pathak reminds us that just as we were adopted into God's family, we are called to love and embrace the orphans, widows and marginalized around us.

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Jay Pathak pauses the Reel Faith series to discuss the Colorado wildfires and how we process distaster.

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