Mile High Vineyard

Does gathering together on Sundays even matter if we all follow Jesus? If you have ever been a part of a local church at some point you will probably ask this question. This week as we start our brand new series “I Love My Church” pastor, Jay Pathak, tackles what the scriptures have to say about that very thing.

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If we are responsible for the messes we make, is God responsible to clean them up for us? This week Pastor of Discover Church in the Highlands, Preston Ulmer, uses the text from Judges 16 to work through this very hard question.

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Do you know the idols that capture your attention & how they show up in your life? This week Jay Pathak looks at 1 John 5:19-21 and the warning he gives to be proactive against the things that threaten to disable us from living fully alive in the kingdom.

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Social Isolation is a growing epidemic in our modern world. So what does the scriptures say is the way forward in the face of such an cultural epidemic? This week as we wrap up our series Reel Faith, Pastor, Jay Pathak, explores what we can do to connect in an increasingly isolated world through the film "Up In The Air".

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